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A-G Courses

Some classes at HHS count for graduation credit only and some count for both graduation and college a-g creditView the A-G course list for HHS  to see which HHS courses count for A-G credit.  a-g requirements must be fulfilled for any student wishing to continue on directly at a four-year university. 

Q: I'm going to Chabot.  Do I need to fulfill the a-g requirements?
A: While students starting out at a two-year community college such as Chabot do not need to fulfill the A-G requirements they are encouraged to still pursue a rigorous high school curriculum consisting of as many a-g courses as possible to be ready for college-level curricula.

Comparison of Graduation and A-G Requirements

Graduation Requirements and University A-G Requirements

HHS A-G Certified Course List:

A-G Course List