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Advanced Placement (AP), Honors (H) and Accelerated

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Who to Contact

 Elaine Byrd

Annie Choy

Susan Cooper

Victor Fitzsimons, Department Chair

Devi Ganesh

Ian Lockey

Sadia Mohammad

Matthew Nixon

Jayamala Thatipamala

Yvonne White

Oliver Yang

Moises Olmos, School Counselor & Counselor Liaison for Science

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Next Generation Science Standards

Reading Apprenticeship Strategies to Build Scientific Literacy

What I should be teaching by grade level and topic NGSS


Team Biology

Owl Pellet Lab

1) Watch Video

2) Read the Lab Packet (Link)

3) Complete the Pre-Lab Form

Osmosis Lab

1) Watch Osmosis Jones Video 

2) Read 1 of the following 3 articles:

3) Go through Pre-Lab Slides (including videos)

4) Complete Pre-Lab Form

Eye Dissection Lab

1) Watch the following videos:

2) Read one of the follow articles below. Here is a glossary of eye terms.

3) Complete the Pre-Lab.

Heart Dissection Lab

1) Watch the following videos:

2) Read the following article (Comparing Heart Pumps)

3) Complete the Pre-Lab.