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The mission of the Ubuntu Academy Program Objectives are:

  • To engage a cohort of scholars by providing one on one academic, social-emotional, and cultural support and resources that will develop each student holistically.
  • To prepare students for school engagement; higher education enrollment; lucrative employment; and cultural empowerment by providing opportunities for school leadership; college access through dual/concurrent enrollment; and life skills required for students to ensure their success and integrity.
  • To provide culturally relevant activities, lessons and experiences that will empower students to embrace each unique attribute they possess with passion and pride and to create their own narrative - one that enhances their individual and cultural capital.

The Four E’s of Black Excellence


  1. Student led activities    

  2. Social Justice Projects

  3. Collaborative Learning

  4. Tutoring/Study Hall      

  5. Character Education/Behavior Support  


  1. College Fairs/Tours 

  2. College Apps 

  3. Financial Aid Workshops and Assistance  

  4. Scholarships

  5. A-G Check    

  6. SAT/ACT Prep


  1. Resume’ Building

  2. Mock Interviews

  3. Financial Literacy 

  4. Professional Etiquette

  5. Job Shadowing

  6. Career Fairs

  7. Entrepreneurial Supports and Resources


  1. Community Service and Engagement

  2. Cultural Engagement

  3. Team Building

  4. Individual and Group Counseling

  5. Field Trips and Cultural Experiences


Ubuntu Emblem

Zyeala Allen-Marshall
Ubuntu Counselor

Kyle Howard
English Teacher

English Teacher