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YEP Credit Recovery Cyber High

How to apply for Cyber High

1) Student meets with their counselor during drop-in counseling hours (any non-class time hours).

2) Student completes the online Cyber High application.

Cyber High Application

3) The student's counselor will then get an email right away asking them to complete the request along with the course(s) requested.  The student will then get an email letting them know they are now on the waitlist and further instructions.

4) The parent/guardian will then receive a confirmation email


About YEP! Credit Recovery

How Does It Work?

If a student has failed course work in a day class, counselors may refer the student to Cyber High  after-school classes to complete course work, test and recover credits for that subject.  Students who are not successful during the regular school day may do well with the Cyber High  Program because they provide computerized instruction that contains links to various web pages to enhance learning. Cyber High and are self motivated and self paced programs reducing anxiety for struggling students. 

Students will be provided food in the cafeteria. 

Once students complete their course work and pass the required tests, they are exited from Cyber High. The Cyber High program are not an alternative to core day curriculum and accountability to core day work. They are only a credit-recovery and grade enhancement option for students who need something more in order to graduate high school or gain A-G requirements at a C or better grade.  

IMPORTANT:  Because Cyber High courses are popular choices for students, there is often a waiting list.  Therefore, students who are absent 3 times (2 tardies = 1 absence) will be dropped from the program.  After being dropped from the program, it is the responsibility of the student to have perfect attendance at Hayward High for 10 days, bring an attendance printout, and another signed Counselor's Referral Form to Mr. Olmos (Cyber High)  to be put back on the waiting list.  In Cyber High you can take 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 units.  

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Priority Levels

1)  Seniors needing credit recovery

2)  Juniors needing credit recovery

3)  Seniors needing grade enhancement

4)  Juniors needing grade enhancement

5)  Sophomores needing credit recovery

6)  Freshmen needing credit recovery.


Program End Date

May 24 is the last day of the program.  


Program Hours:
Monday - Friday
3:55 - 5:55


Who to Contact

Moises Olmos
Counselor Coordinator for Cyber High   
Ext. 61123

Ms. Stewart
Cyber High Teacher
Room M-12
Ext. 61280

Mr. Stewart
Cyber High Teacher
Room D-2
Ext. 61422

Ms. Walker
Cyber High Teacher
Room D-4
Ext. 61237

Exit Survey