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Approval Processes

Approval Processes

Student Organizations / Clubs Locker

Food and Beverage Requirements and HUSD Policy.pdf 

How to Get an Activity (Event/Fundraiser) Approved

Step 1:Obtain the proper Event Approval or Fundraiser Approval form online on the Club Webpagee. Fill out the form as thoroughly as possible and do not leave any blank spaces. If you do not fill out the form completely your event/fundraiser will not be considered for approval.

Step 2:Bring your completed form to the Activities Director in B-5 at least 3 weeks in advance of the proposed event/fundraiser date. The Activities Director will then schedule the Executive Council meeting that your request will be brought up at. Executive Council meets every Wednesday during fifth period (Leadership) in B-5, so please keep that in mind when creating timelines for event/fundraiser planning.

Step 3*: If you make it past Step 2, the Executive Council Members, who are members of the student body, will review your request and vote on its approval. You should be sure to explain your proposal in detail to the Activities Director or an Executive Council representative so you can answer any questions the Executive Council may have, you do not want your request denied due to a lack of information.

Step 4*:If the Executive Council approves your request then your request will go up for review with the Administration. Once Administration approves your request, your advisor will receive an email notifying them of the approval and the Activities Director will put your event/fundraiser on the calendar.

*You may be required to make adjustments to your activity after any one of the above listed meetings before approval.*

Step 5:If you are approved by both the Executive Council and Administration then you may begin planning the event/fundraiser with your class/club and advisor.

If you are not approved, the Activities Director will be happy to tell you why.


An activity must always have an HHS faculty or staff member host. For example, if your event/fundraiser is hosted by a club, that HHS faculty or staff member would be your club advisor.

Please note that dances on campus are limited and only ASB may host dances on campus. Suggestions regarding school dances are always welcome.

Event Planning Reminders/Tips

Facilities Request Form

If the event/fundraiser needs campus facilities i.e. the cafeteria or the gym, you need to submit a facilities request form in addition to your event/fundraiser approval form.

To get People to Attend Your Event you Need to Publicize!

  • Make posters
  • Create flyers – Ask the ASB Commissioner of Public Advertisement to design a flyer for you (make take up to two weeks)
  • Make an announcement in the daily bulletin – submit 24 hours in advance via e-mail to the Activities Director
  • Post your event on Hayward High’s “New and Noteworthy” section of the school website.

A Successful Event Sticks to the Budget

  • Use the budget templates/worksheets on the Student Organizations/Club page to help you out.
  • Make sure to keep a tally sheet if you’re selling items, you’ll need that information for the Fundraiser Revenue Analysis form.
  • Use the Fundraiser Revenue Analysis form to see if you made a profit or loss – Note this must be completed and submitted with your deposit slip in order for the Director of Finance to credit your account with the money for a deposit. You will receive the form back after the Director of Finance signs off.

The Best Events are Those That are the Best Planned!

  • Remember to forward plan and keep everything organized. If you need help look in the Organizational Tools folder on the Student Organizations/Clubs website for helpful templates and informational planning tools.

Additional Resources

The Nine Commandments of Project Planning

PURPOSE– Have a specific purpose in mind and make a written statement of this purpose, i.e. the purpose of the project is to…

BUDGET– Always check with the treasurer to make sure there are enough funds to cover the project.


  • Big projects take one month of planning
  • Make due dates for the different steps
  • Be finished with everything two days before the event

WHEN-WHERE-COST– Be sure to include the following on posters:

  • The exact time and date of the event
  • The place where the event will occur
  • The exact cost to each person attending, if any

* All of these things should be included on the Project Planning Report as well.

INVOLVES WHO– The following things should be included for publicity:

  • Who is sponsoring the event
  • Who is invited to the event
  • Who will be appearing at the event

COMMITTEES– Delegate responsibilities to your committee members. Make sure that they do their jobs, and report back to you regularly.


  • Big posters
  • Mobiles
  • Billboards on tables
  • Sandwich boards
  • Fliers on windows, in classrooms, and in lockers
  • Poster on bathroom stall doors
  • “Ask Someone Who Knows” buttons
  • Fliers with “25 cents off”
  • Secret person – awards a free ticket to the third person who says “come to the dance, “ etc
  • 100th person through the door wins a prize
  • Musically inclined people/band to play or sing the advertisement


  • To the advisor and chaperones
  • To the committee members and all of the others who helped
  • When appropriate, to the principal, assailant principals, and any secretary who helped


  • From the committee/students who organized the event
  • From the participants (when applicable)
  • From the student council (leadership)
  • From the Activities Director
  • From the faculty/staff