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El Relicario pdf 7/30/18 4:44 PM
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Hayward High School, IBF March 4, 2022 (1)(2).wav wav 3/17/22 1:09 PM
Hayward High School, IBF March 4, 2022 (1).wav wav 3/17/22 1:07 PM
Hayward High School, IBF March 4, 2022(1).wav wav 3/17/22 1:07 PM
Hayward High School, IBF March 4, 2022(2).wav wav 3/17/22 1:09 PM
Hayward High School, IBF March 4, 2022.wav wav 3/17/22 1:07 PM
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Music Program Home

Santa Cruz Band Review is here!

Hello to all friends of the HHS Music Program! Our first competition of the year is almost here and I want to make sure you have all of the details.  

Call Time: 5:45am

Depart HHS: 6:30am

Awards Ceremony in Santa Cruz: 5pm

Arrival at HHS: 7:30pm (this time is approximate)

I hope you can join us in beautiful Santa Cruz for a great day of music! F

Farmer Pride!

HHS Band and Color Guard Competition

I am extremely excited to announce that for the first time in two years the Marching Farmers will be performing at a competition.  Please click here for a schedule of the day, and for directions.  Here are the details, it's a very early start and a long day:

Call Time- 5:30am in the Band Room

Bus Departure Time- 6:15am

Destination- Golden Valley High School, Merced

Awards- 4:15pm

Return to HHS- 7pm

*Breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided

HHS Pep Band is Back!!!

After an extended hiatus, the Hayward High School Marching Farmers are ready to entertain at the Friday home football games this year.  We can't wait to support our football team and liven up the atmosphere in the stands.  For all members of the Music Program, here are the details:

Call Time- 5:30pm

Game Start Time- 7pm

Approximate Game Ending- 9:15-9-30pm

Clean up and Game Ball Award- 9:30-9:45pm

Winter Concert 2019 is here!


Music note


Hello students and families, I am very excited to present 

this year's performing groups at our annual Winter Concert.

Here are all of the details:

Call Time for performers: 6pm

Doors Open: 6:30pm

Concert Starts:7pm

End Time (Approximate): 8:30pm

Order of acts- Guitar Ensemble, Color Guard, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Concert Band.  

We hope you can join us for a great night of music to send you off for the holidays in the best of spirits!

Jazz Band Event- 12/12/19

Call Time: 7:10am (usual class time)

Event: Holiday event for California Association of School Board Officials

Where: Castlewood Country Club, Sunol

Leave HHS: 8:00am

Breakfast in Sunol: 9-10am

Arrive at Castlewood: 10:15am

Performance Time: 11am-12:30pm

Leave Sunol: 1pm

Arrive back at HHS: 1:45pm

Light up the Season Flyer

Light Up the Season 2019

The Marching Band and Color Guard are ready for their annual Holiday Performance in Downtown Hayward.  Here are the details:

Call Time: 2:45pm

Location: City Hall, corner of B St. and Watkins

1st Set: 3:30pm-4pm

2nd Set: 4:30pm-5pm

Performance Location: TBA (Pending weather)

Post-performance Clean-Up: 5-5:15pm

Hope to see you at this very enjoyable event!!!

Review of Champions 2019

The Hayward High Marching Band and Color Guard is gearing up for their final competition of the season at Lincoln High School, and is excited to represent the Black and Gold in Stockton! It is a very early start for the Band and Guard, hence the early call time.  Here are the details:

Call Time: 5:45am

Breakfast Snacks: 5:45-5:55am

Change into uniform: 5:55-6:10am

Load Bus: 6:10am-6:15am

Depart: 6:15am

Click here for a schedule of jazz events and here for parade...

Awards: 1:30pm

Depart Stockton: 2:15pm

Return to HHS: 3:45-4pm

We hope to see you in Stockton supporting the P.R.I.D.E. of Hayward High!!!

Napa Band Review 2019

The Hayward High Marching Band and Color Guard are gearing up for their third competition of the season, and are excited to be heading to Napa for the Vintage Band Review.  Here are the details:

Call Time- 6:00am

Breakfast snacks- 6-6:15am

Instrument/Uniform double-check and load- 6:15-6:30am

Bus departure- 6:45am

Please click here for the schedule, here for a map/directions, and here for all other details. 

We hope you can join us for our second-to-last competition of the year...Farmer Pride!


HHS Band Boosters Fundraiser Flyer


Foothill Band Review 2019

The time is almost here for our second competition of the 2019 marching season.  The students have had a week since Santa Cruz to tighten things up, and are excited to showcase their talents in beautiful Pleasanton.  Here is the full scoop:

Call Time: 6:15am, Band Room

Breakfast Snacks: 6:15-6:30am

Uniform and Instrument Double-Check: 6:30-6:45am

Trailer Loading: 6:45-7am

Bus Departure: 7am

Arrival at Amador Valley HS: 7:45am

Step-Off Time: 9:05am

*Award times have not been announced, but I anticipate a return time of around 4pm.  I will keep everyone posted via Remind

*Please be on time, the morning is very busy and staying on schedule is important

*Please click here for a link to the schedule for the day, and here for directions and parade route maps.

Hope to see you there supporting these awesome students...Farmer P.R.I.D.E.!!!




Hello Music Program students and families, I am truly excited to announce details for the first marching competition of the year! I hope you'll be able to join us in beautiful Santa Cruz to support the P.R.I.D.E. of Hayward High Marching Band and Color Guard.  Here is the info for this Saturday, 1019/19:

Call time for all students- 5:45am in the Band Room

Breakfast snacks/Hair/Makeup- 5:45-6:15am in the Cafeteria/Band Room

Uniform Bag and Instrument Double Check- 6:15-6:30am

Equipment/Bus Loading: 6:30-6:45am

Bus Departure- 6:45am (sharp)

For all of the competition times, please click here...

Location- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 400 Beach St., 95060

*There is limited parking and the streets are very busy, if you plan on driving down to Santa Cruz, the earlier the better

*Based on past competitions, I anticipate a return time of around 8pm and will be in touch via the Remind app

*Students will be provided with breakfast items but will need to bring their own lunch or money to purchase food.  There are a ton of options along the boardwalk.

As always, please let me know if there are any questions.  I hope to see you down in Santa Cruz, Farmer Pride!!!

Band and Color Guard Camp 2019 is here!

Hey Band and Color Guard...let's get ready for an amazing year! Don't forget that Camp is just around the corner, be ready to go next week! Please click here for specific times and a checklist for the things you will need.  Also, the second page has the registration form if you have not already received one.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at  Farmer Pride!

Oddfellows Concert 2019

It's been a very busy year for the HHS Music Program, and we would like to end it with a bang!  The Guitar Ensembles, String Orchestra, and Jazz Combos will be playing at the Oddfellow Lodge on Sunday, June 2nd.  Call time for musicians will be 1:30pm.  Here is a flyer with all of the details:


HHS Guitar Ensemble, Orchestra, and Jazz Flyer


Adult School Graduation 2019

The Hayward High Band has been invited to play the Adult School Graduation on May 31st, 2019.  We will be supporting the graduates with some of our fun Pep Band tunes, as well as the processional music.  Here are the details:

Location: Sunset Adult School (22100 Princeton St., 94541)

Call Time: 6pm

Ceremony Start Time: 7pm

Ceremony End Time: 8pm (approximate)

*Students will need to arrive with their instruments and music, and semi-formal attire.

Spring Concert 2019

Hello parents and students, it is my pleasure to announce the details for Hayward High Music Program's Spring Concert 2019.  The students have been working extremely hard, and are ready to feature their work.  The concert will include works from The Godfather, to The Incredibles, and everything in between.  You won't want to miss this! Here are all of the details...

Date: 5/30/19

Doors: 6pm

Concert Starts: 6:30pm

Location: HHS Cafeteria

Free Admission!

Featuring HHS Guitar Ensembles, Jazz Combos, String Orchestra, Color Guard, and Concert Band!

* Call time for musicians is 5:30pm

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade 2019

Hello music students and families, I'm excited about this weekend's annual Rodeo Parade scheduled for 5/11.  Let's bring some Hayward spirit to Castro Valley with our Marching Band, Color Guard, and you! If you have Hayward High gear please wear it so we can represent the community.  Here are all of the details:

Call Time: 8am

Location: Intersection of Baker Rd. and Kerr St. 

End Time: 11:30am (approximately)

* Students will be expected to arrive in full marching uniform, along with their instrument and music.

Here is a map of the Parade route:


HHS Parade Route

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Hope to see you there!


CAFE Cinema Flyer

Chinese New Year Parade 2019

The Hayward High Band and Color Guard will be performing in this year's Chinese New Year Parade.  This is guaranteed to be a great time and I hope you can join us.  Here are the details:

Call Time: 1pm

Bus Departs HHS: 2pm

Arrival back at HHS: 8pm (approximate)

I will make sure to send a Remind message when we start our return trip.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hello all music students and families, it is my pleasure to announce that the Hayward High Marching and Pep Band have been invited to lead the CSUEB Homecoming Parade and play at the basketball games that evening.  Here are all of the details:

Depart HHS: 2pm

Arrive at CSUEB: 2:15pm

Parade begins: 3pm

BBQ Lunch: 4pm

Women's Basketball Game: 5:30pm

Pizza Dinner: 7pm

Men's Basketball Game: 7:30pm

Bus back to HHS: 9:15pm (approximate)

* I realize that this is a long and late day for the students.  They will be expected to bring all schoolwork with them to work on after lunch, and if you need to pick them up early please let me know and I can give you the best location.  

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Photo Orders

Hello music families, you can order photos online.

Winter Concert 2018, Thursday December 19th

Hello all music students, parents, friends and families, I am pleased to announce our Winter Concert is here.  The students have been working hard and are going to present an eclectic set of music by the likes of Antonin Dvorak, Freddie Hubbard, Samuel Hazo, The Surfaris, and many more.  We hope to see you at the show tonight! Here are the details...

Call time for performers: 6pm

Doors open: 6:30pm

Concert Start Time: 7pm

Concert End Time: 8:15-8:30

*All performers are expected to help clean up after the concert.


music note


Light Up the Season 2018!

HHS Marching Band and Color Guard will be supporting the local community and performing this Saturday in front of City Hall (B St. and Watkins) for the city of Hayward's Light Up the Season event.  This is a really fun, family-friendly event, and we hope to see you there! Here is the rundown...

Call Time: 2:45pm

Performance Time: 3:30pm

Performance Time: 4:30pm

Students Dismissed after Packing Up: 4:45pm

Napa Band Review

Hello to all HHS music students, families, and friends of the Program, we will be in Napa on Saturday, November 10th for our second Band Review of the season.  Here are the details:

Call time at HHS: 6am

Bus departure from HHS: 7am

Arrive in Napa: 8am

Check-in: 8:30am

Competition Step-Off: 10:20am

Awards: 2pm

Depart Napa: 3pm

Arrive at HHS: 4:15pm

Please click here for a link to directions, here for a map, and here for the parade lineup.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the event.  Hope to see you there!

Santa Cruz Band Review 2018

I am very excited to fill you in on all of the details for our first Band Review of the year.  The students have been working extremely hard and are ready to bring some Farmer Pride to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk this Saturday (10/20/18).  Here are the fine points:

Call Time at HHS: 5:45am

Depart HHS: 6:30am

Arrive in Santa Cruz: 8am

Competition Step-Off: 10:10am

Award Presentation: 5pm

Depart Santa Cruz: 6pm (approximate)

Arrive at HHS: 7:45pm (approximate)

*If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me at  Students will be fed breakfast and lunch courtesy of the Music Boosters.  Also, you can click here for a parade route map, here for the line of march, and here for a discount flyer.  I hope you can join us in supporting these awesome students down in beautiful Santa's going to be a great day.  Go Farmers!!!


This Sunday will mark the final performance of the Oddfellows Summer Concert Series, and will feature the Hayward High String Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Marching Band, in addition to local groups.  It is going to be a great day of music, BBQ, and fun with family and friends.  This is a fundraiser for the Music Program, so please invite people you know to come out and enjoy the day with us.  Here is a link to the Facebook page with a few additional details, and here are the times for students:

Event Location: Memorial Park (24176 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94544)

Event Time: 1-5pm

Orchestra Call Time: 12:45pm

Jazz Band Call Time: 1:30pm

Marching Band Call Time: 2:30pm

*The Oddfellows can use some help serving food and soliciting donations, so if you're a student that is able to come before your performance time and able to stay after, that is much appreciated.

See you Sunday!

CAL BAND DAY 2018...9/15/18!

Cal Band Day is almost here, and Hayward High is ready to represent at this awesome event.  The students will be joining over a thousand other band members along with the Cal Berkeley Marching Band for the halftime show.  Here are all of the details...

Also, if you would like to check out a video clip of HHS at Cal Band Day 2016, here is a link.

5:50am: Call time at Hayward BART

6:08am: BART departs Hayward station

6:42am: BART arrives at Downtown Berkeley station

7:00am: Check in at Memorial Stadium

7:45am-8:45am: Rehearsal at California Memorial Stadium

9:30am: Campus Tour
-You may leave any belongings in the stands

-You can also use this time to grab food from local restaurants 12:00pm: Return to California Memorial Stadium at Gate 10

-Watch Cal Band pre-game show
3:00pm: Kickoff! Go Bears!
Beginning of 2nd quarter: Start heading down to the field for halftime show

-6pm (approximate): Game ends, head to trailer to change clothes and walk to BART.

-7pm( approximate): Arrive at Downtown Berkeley BART

-7:45pm(approximate): Arrive at Hayward BART


-You will need money for BART, it is $8.40 round trip for paper ticket users, and $7.40 for Clipper Card users.

-Please bring your own food or be prepared to buy stadium concessions
-You are highly encouraged to bring disposable water bottles -ONLY clear bags allowed in California Memorial Stadium


Colin Loyd: (858) 539-9406

Damon Anderson: (425) 749-6057 Matt Sadowski: (586) 909-5565 Emergencies
Brandon Wong (415) 823-1655

Bus Unloading Location West Circle
UC Berkeley

Band Camp Schedule 8/13-8/17

We have a very busy schedule for our second week of Band Camp, here are all of the details...

Monday: 10am-6pm

Tuesday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday: Camp from 10am-6pm, Pizza and Band Camp Awards 6pm-7pm

Thursday: Camp from 10am-3pm, Hayward Downtown Street Party 5:30-7pm.  Call time is 5pm at Newman Park.

Friday: Call time 8am at Hayward City Hall, KTVU performance at 9am, Band Camp ends at 2pm, Call Time is 5:45pm for the football game

Competition march for 2018!

This year, we are doing something a little different...a famous Paso Doble entitled "El Relicario." Please click here for access to the the sheet music.  It's going to be an outstanding year full of great music, friendships, and unforgettable experiences- Farmer Pride!

Band Camp 2018!

I am very excited to announce that Band Camp details have been set for August 2018! Please click here to access the Band Camp letter, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks!

Hayward High Music Program. Farmer Pride


HHS Music Program


Student Parade Award for 2017 Marching Competitions


HHS Marching Band

Awarded for our competition march in Pleasanton, Santa Cruz and Napa. Thank you for your dedication.


Pepband Student of the Week Leifritz


HHS Music Program


Congratulations Emiliano PEP BAND Student of the Week

Congratulations Emiliano PEP BAND Student of the Week

Parent and Student Testimonials

Hello parents and students, the Hayward High Music Program is in the process of finding new ways to increase exposure and visibility in the community, and we can use your help.  Below you will find links to a form that asks for some testimonials regarding the program. It only takes a minute or two to complete, and I hope you'll take the time to help support the Program.  Thanks!

Link for Parents:

Link for Students:

Our Mission:  To provide a program that will develop well-rounded musicians who are prepared to face the challenges of an ever-changing musical world.

Pep Band Member Student of the Week, Congratulations Zeke!


Pep Band Student of the Week Zeke


Pep Band Student of the Week Betsy!




HHS Instrumental Music Emblem

Nick Tocco
Instrumental Music Director                       
510-723-3170Ext. 61292

Lesly Garcia                             
Color Guard Coach




e Scrip


3ways_square escrip.gif

Please help our Music Program by signing up for eScrip.  Our group ID is 500825875. We thank you in advance for your assistance in another way to fund our music program.  This program takes the place of the SHARE program we previously used.  eSrip has more options of earning money for our program.



YEP logo


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