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Student Organizations & Clubs

Clubs Directory

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Hayward High School offers many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities outside of athletics. Some of these extracurricular activities are associated with Clubs, which are Student Organizations formed and led by students on campus. Clubs usually meet during lunch time or after school and are open to any and all students that may want to join. 

Club Day, Winter Carnival, and Hay Day are all excellent opportunities for students to observe the variety of clubs and activities that Hayward High has to offer.

Any student may form a club by going through the process created by the Associated Student Body (ASB).  Steps for Forming a New Club can be found to the right and Club Policies and Club Formation Applications can be found in the locker on the left (also on the Approval Proccesses page). For further information contact the ASB Club Liaisons or the Activities Director.

Payments & Deposits

Do you need something PAID from an ASB account?  Please pick up a BLUE "Transaction Request Form" in the main office or book room if you need a purchase order, other expenditure, journal entry, check or transfer.

Do you have a DEPOSIT to make to an ASB account?  Please pick up a PINK "Activity Collection Report" in the main office or book room.


Who to Contact

Sarah Truong-Bautista
Activities Director
Room B-5

Need to make an ANNOUNCEMENT for your club?

Please ask your advisor to submit an announcement through our Weekly Announcements form.

Weekly Announcements

Nutritional and Fundraising Guidelines

State Nutritional Guidelines

Fundraising and Financial Guidelines


How to Gain Approval for a New Club



Step 1:Fill out the Club Formation Application

Step 2: Forms are reviewed, approved or disapproved every Wednesday, 5th period in an Executive Council Meetings.  

Step 3: Upon approval, forms will be given to Administration for an additional review and approval or disapproval.

Step 4: Once paperwork has been reviewed by Administration, advisors will receive an email from the Activities Director notifying them of the status of their club (approved/disapproved).  Upon approval your club's information will be added to the HHS website. 

Note: To form a club a Hayward High Staff member must agree to advise the club. Without an advisor your club cannot gain approval.