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Attendance Clearance Policy

***Online Student Annual Update on Parent Portal***

Your online annual update must be completed before receiving your class schedule. For more information, please log into your Infinite Campus Portal. 

  1. All excusable absences must be cleared by telephone call or a note from the parent/guardian within 72 hours (3 days).
  2. After 3 days the absences will be unexcused = Truancy Alert
  3. Medical Note.  A doctor's note  must be provided to the attendance office, after a student has accrued more then 10 days  of medical/personal days missed. If a Dr. Note is not provided the absences will be coded as an unconfirmed medical/personal = Truancy Alert  
  4. Off Grounds Passes for Appointments.  If the parent/guardian is aware of the appointment in advance, PLEASE send a note with the student or a parent can send an email to an attendance clerk which indicates the date, time, and reason for leaving. Student must bring the note to the attendance office in the morning. The student will then be issued a pass to leave campus. Student will need to show pass to their teacher during the appropriate period that they need to leave. Student will need to show pass to CSO at front gate to be released from campus. 
  5. Hayward High School is a closed campus. Student  must have a  “Pass to Leave School Grounds” from the attendance office to leave campus. Students leaving campus without a pass will receive a CUT for all classes missed = Truancy Alert
  6. Returning to School from an appointment. If a student is returning to school from a medical , dental or personal appointment, please have the student  bring a doctor's, dental or personal note to the attendance office so we can clear the absences. Attendance will provide the student with a return pass to class. Obtaining a note from the students appointment is always helpful for the students attendance.

Attendance Verification

If you need Attendance Verification for your student, please allow 24 hours for the letter or form to be filled out.

You may send you request via email, call or come in to request.

Social Service requests are mailed back as indicated on the form.

Social Service forms are mailed out within 24 hours to the address indicated on the form.

Students Volunteering at the Polls

The California Ed. Code 48200 allows a student to volunteer at the polls if they are age 16 and have at least a 2.5 grade point average.

Attendance office needs a note from the polling coordinator confirming attendance at the poll.

Students need to make sure they bring the confirmation note to the Attendance Office within the 72 hour clearance time. 

Important Ed. Code Facts

  • Greater than 30 minute tardy = truancy alert
  • Cuts = truancy alert
  • Unexcused Absences (not cleared within 72 hours) = truancy alert


When a student is absent parents should call the Attendance Office  leaving the spelling of the student's first and last name along with the date and reason for absence.

(510) 723-3170
English ext. 61112
English & Spanish ext. 61111
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Annamarie Lacombe
Attendance Lead
(510) 723-3170  ext. 61112

Maria Salinas
Attendance Clerk
English & Spanish
(510) 723-3170  ext. 61111

Miroslaba "Lili" Velo-Egonmwan
Youth Intervention Specialist
English & Spanish
(510) 723-3170  ext. 61106

Missing School equals Missing out, Make sure your child is in school everyday