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College, Career & Financial Aid

Going to college?  Our web pages below will help you get there!

Community College



Private, Independent & Out-of-State Colleges

College & Career Center

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Testing for College

senior webpage

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All HHS students have a personalized account for college and career planning:

► My HUSD transcript ► CCC Apply (Chabot, etc.) Application
► Academic Planner (A-G eligibility) ► My CSU Application
► Career Planning ► FAFSA Application
► and much, much more

Students use their school Google account ( to log in.


9 College Websites You Can't Live Without

College websites? There are endless college tools on the web, enough to make one dizzy!  Check out our "9 COLLEGE WEBSITES YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT" below.   You'll find more information on these sites in our college pages above.  Every college-bound student will be using these on a regular basis, from planning for college to applying for college. 

Your "step 1" is to make a user name and password for each site.   We recommend you use the same user name and password for each site.  Another college-smart move would be to create a new, dedicated e-mail account (pick a professional-sounding user name) that you use just to manage all your college accounts and correspondences.

College Planning and Applying:

College Testing and more

Financial Aid

Don't think you can go to college?  Check out these stories from students like you!Two first-generation low-income students attend Ivy League schools and want to inspire others!  Read about their journeys for the first-year at Yale and Harvard.eporting, college portals, college apps, FAFSA/Dream App, financial aid packages, etc.)  

Highschool Students
College Students

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Need College App Help on the Computer?

Visit the College & Career Center (CX) to receive computer assistance for any college app, FAFSA/CADA, College Board registration, etc.