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Chabot Student Orientation and Registration (S.O.A.R.) Program for Seniors

1) Starting October 1, 2023, complete your free Chabot application at CCCApply.   Select "First Time In College after High School."
Use the Chabot Majors: How To Select One list to help.  Already took a Chabot course?  Log in with your same "W" number.

2) After submitting your app, you will receive an email in 1-2 days with your Chabot "W" number (your Chabot student #) which you must take good note of and save forever! If you have not received your W# within 48 hours, you can use your Social Security # and your 6 digit birthdate (MMDDYY) as the password. 

3) Follow these Chabot Financial Aid Steps to complete your FAFSA or California Dream App.  If you're planning to be a full-time student, be sure to complete your financial aid and ALL the steps below by July 1 in order to receive maximum aid.  This is Financial Aid step 1 of 2 (the second step is item #8 below).   All Chabot students, regardless of financial need, get free tuition their first year as long as they complete their FAFSA/CADA as explained here.

4) Complete the Chabot Online Orientation on your own as soon as possible.  

5) Complete the Chabot ENGLISH Informed Course Selection AND the Chabot MATH Guided Self-Placement (you'll need your Chabot "W number" and PIN (6 digit birthdate).  

6) Complete the Title IX ‐ Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Training 

7)  Complete your student EdPlan plan by attending your First Semester Planning (FSP).  Schedule your FSP date and time here.  You can choose in person or virtual.

8) Complete the Chabot College Financial Aid forms & submit to Chabot College Financial Aid office (forms can be found in your ClassWeb under "Financial Aid" tab and click "student requirements" preferably by June 2.    This is step 2 of 2 for Chabot Financial Aid and is separate from the FAFSA/Dream App.   Wait 4-6 weeks after submitting these forms and log back in and accept any financial aid awards. 

9) Get an early start and earn college credits at Chabot Summer Bridge by applying here!

If you need help with any of the above steps, please email Michael Lai, Chabot College Counselor at He will reply and do his best to support your transition and experience with Chabot College. 

Join a Learning Community!

Chabot Special Programs and Services

Consider joining one of these optional programs at Chabot!

Chabot Aspire/Trio:  Provides academic support for low-income, first generation and disabled students

Chabot Disabled Students Services & Programs:  Serves the needs of students with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities

Chabot Educational Talent Search / Trio:  Provides equal access to quality education for students of Hayward & San Lorenzo Unified School Districts

Chabot First Year Experience (FYE):  Focuses on student success in the form of various different "pathways" based upon student interests and academic goals.

Change It Now (CIN):  A multicultural leadership program designed for students interested in social justice, ethnic studies, and community empowerment.  

Chabot MOVEMENT: Supports students toward education success by providing counseling, classes, and a community that centers around Asian American and Pacific Islander culture, history, and experiences. 

Chabot Puente:  Supports all students with counseling, instruction and mentoring to prepare for transfer by exploring the Mexican-American & Latino experience

Chabot Umoja:  Supports students to achieve education success and learning African-American literature, history, and issues

Read about how all first-year students get free tuition as long as they complete a FAFSA or Dream Act App regardless of financial need provided student is full time (minimum 12 units) at the Chabot College Promise Program.

First Year is Free!

For California residents, Chabot's enrollment fee is normally $46 per unit or $1,104 for full time for one year.  However, because of the Chabot Promise Grant, Chabot tuition is now FREE for all FIRST-YEAR students provided they complete the Chabot and FAFSA/CADA apps by July 1 and maintain full-time student status (12+ units).  To continue with free tuition in the Spring, students must earn all passing grades in the Fall.

Chabot College

Who to Contact

Oscar Vazquez
College and Career Center
Room C-X
Ext. 61262

Stephanie Camacho
A-G College & Career Tech
Chabot S.O.A.R. Liaison for HHS

Room C-X
Ext. 61262

Anhthy Nguyen
EAOP/DCAC College Adviser
Room C-X
​​​​​​​Ext. 61262​​​​​​​

HHS Counselors

Chabot Counselor Contact Help

Michael Lai
Chabot Counselor
25555 Hesperian Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 723-6779
Mr. Lai will help any HHS Senior with Chabot enrollment.  Just email him!

California Colleges

Need Help With Chabot ENROLLMENT?

Drop in to the College & Career Center in Room C-X (C Hall).