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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Government Financial Aid (Public): The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the on-line form that both the Senior and parent must complete starting December 31, 2023.  Parent AND student must both create a FAFSA username and password by creating an account known as your FSA ID.  Eligibility for all public financial aid (ex: California Promise Grant, Cal Grants, Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, Work Study) is determined by the FAFSA. After the FAFSA application is processed (3-4 weeks), students should access their webgrants portal to select which awards they want. 
Students who are undocumented complete the California Dream Act Application (and not the FAFSA).

Scholarships (Private): There are many community and national organizations that offer scholarships.  The challenge for students is becoming informed of what's available, criteria, deadlines, etc. and then "going after it" and applying.  Hayward High wants to help!   Check out the HHS scholarship listings above.

Cal Grant GPA Verification (Seniors)

HHS will automatically submit (upload) Cal Grant GPAs for all Seniors.  For Seniors who wish to "opt out," submit this Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out Form or Formulario para No Participar en el Requisito de GPAto your Counselor.

Students with a Cal Grant GPA of 2.0 and above can be eligible for Cal Grant monies via the FAFSA and California Dream Act Applications.  The Cal Grant GPA uses 10th and 11th grade courses and excludes PE and remedial courses.

Advice from your HHS Counselors:

You should never pay money to get scholarship information. 

Letters of Recommendation

Do you need a letter of recommendation for financial aid or for private colleges?  It is advisable to ask your counselors and/or teachers for letters of recommendation at least one month before it is due.  Students should make this request directly in person.  To assist your recommender in writing your letter of recommendation please complete a Senior Profile and give it to your recommender when you make your request.

HHS Scholarships

Who to Contact


College & Career Center
Room C-X
Ext. 61262

HHS Counselors


Hayward High School Code: 051150

Are you not a Senior yet?

Want to get a jumpstart on scholarships before your Senior year?  Check out, a free, national database of scholarships for all grade levels.