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Student Employment & Work Permits

Student Employment & Work Permits

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Requirements for a work permit

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Work permit FAQs


Requirements for a work permit:

In order to receive a work permit, you must have:

  1. Minimum GPA of 2.0.

  2. NO F’s in any class or any Non Credits.

  3. Good attendance. You must be participating in all your distance learning courses. 

Process for obtaining a NEW work permit:

  1. Print the work permit request form here.

  2. Fill out completely with all signatures.

    • Minor’s information

    • School information

    • Employer information – obtain Employer signature

    • Parent or legal guardian name and signature

  3. Email or hand in completed form to College & Career Team

  4. Team will review your current grades, attendance and contact teacher/admin if necessary. If satisfactory, your work permit will be issued.  Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. A PDF of your work permit will be given or emailed to you once processed.

Process for RENEWING work permit:

  1. In order to Renew your permit, feel free to come to C-X to ask or email a request for renewal. There is no need to email a new completed work permit request.

Looking for a part time job?

Check out these useful docs:

Come to the Career and College Center during lunch or before or after school for assistance finding after school and weekend jobs. 

Work Permits

A Work Permit is issued for a specific employer once you have a job.  Work permits expire at the end of the quarter, semester, or school year, depending on the date and situation.  Students must renew their work permit in order to continue working beyond the expiration date.  School staff have the discretion to choose a shorter time until expiration and may revoke a work permit based on a student's grades and/or attendance.

Future Ahead

Who to Contact

Oscar Vazaquez
College & Career Advisor
Room C-X

Adam Pitre

College & Career Advisor: CTE
Room C-X

Stephanie Camacho

College & Career Advisor A-G
Room C-X