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The University of California (UC) system includes 9 campuses that offer undergraduate and graduate studies, plus one campus (UCSF) that offers graduate studies.  Seniors may apply to UC starting August 1 and the app may be submitted during the month of November but no later than November 30 via the UC application website (not via  Learn about UC's Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) here.

Application period:  August 1 - November 30 (Senior year)
Application fee:  $80 per campus (fee waivers available for 4 campuses)
Tuition per year:  Approximately $14,000
Eligibility:  A-G completion and 3.0+ GPA 


UC Campus Map


Fee Waivers

UC will waive application fees ($70 per campus) for up to four campuses for qualifying students. The online fee waiver is within the UC admission application and uses the applicant’s family size and income to determine eligibility. During the payment process, the system will apply the approved fee waiver.If an applicant received a fee waiver from an outside source, or is requesting a fee waiver based on changes in current financial circumstances, they may indicate that they will pay fees by mail and either submit a College Board, ACT or NACAC fee waiver in lieu of payment for four campuses, or email the UC Application Center at External fee waiver and requests for UC fee waivers can be submitted after submitting the UC application. 


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As of August 2020, UC's are no longer considering SAT or ACT exams scores in the admissions process.